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Photobiological risk group classification (spectral or integral measurement)


Detector for Blue-light and retinal thermal hazard of expanded light sources. Features: 1.7mrad, 11mrad and 100mrad field-of-view. view finder, focusable, for the usage with Optometers, calibration certificate.


LDM-9811 light detector for radiation protection

Radiance is the quantity used for the determination of blue light hazard and retinal thermal hazard to the human eye measured in the radiometric unit of W/(m2*sr). For spot source configurations irradiance is generally measured.

Viewer Module for Radiance Measurements

LDM-9811 is a modularly designed viewer module that is combined with PD-16 series detectors to form the complete radiance detector. A one piece machined aluminum housing ensures the best possible stability in laboratory and field use. The LDM-9811/PD-16 features a wide aperture high light throughput focusing objective. The useable measurement distance of the LDM-98 spans from 0.3m to infinitive.

Selectable Field-of-View

A selector knob on the LDM-9811 rear panel enables the selection of the three field-of-views 1.7, 11 and 100mrad specified to measure the limit values for spot and large area sources in the Blue-light hazard regulations.

Viewfinder for Precise Alignment and Focusing

The targeted spot to be measured is visible through the ocular viewfinder. In combination with the cross-hair targeting aid alignment of the LDM-9811 to the zone of interest is simple. Focusing is achieved by adjusting the sharpness of the image on the viewfinder screen.

Three Hazard Spectral Responsivities

Gigahertz-Optik offers three exchangeable PD-16 type detectors for use on the LDM-9811 viewer module for the measurement of

  • Blue light hazard - Model PD-16BLH
  • Retinal Thermal Hazard - Model PD-16RTH
  • Retinal Thermal Hazard IR-A - Model PD-16-RTHA

Due to limitations in photodiode detector technology the longer wavelength responsivity of the retinal thermal detectors is limited to 1150nm instead of 1400nm as specified.

Traceable Calibration

Calibration is performed by the Gigahertz-Optik GmbH calibration laboratory for optical radiation measurements quantities. As with all light detectors supplied by Gigahertz-Optik calibration of absolute detector responsivity as well as detector individual measured relative spectral responsivity data is included.

LDM-9811_PD-16BLH - Typical Spectral Responsivity

LDM-9811_PD-16BLH - Typical Spectral Responsivity

LDM-9811_PD-16RTH Typical Spectral Responsivity

LDM-9811_PD-16RTH Typical Spectral Responsivity

LDM-9811_PD-16RTHA Typical Spectral Responsivity

LDM-9811_PD-16RTHA Typical Spectral Responsivity

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