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Stand to extend the LCRT-2005H-S use to measure the regular (in-line) transmission of thick samples up to 100mm thickness. Features: stable stand with mount for source and receiver. Sample table.


Light transmission

Light transmission is the visually sensed light permeability of materials. It is particularly important when it comes to specification of window panes on all types of vehicles, display sheets and disks as well as all the other samples whose transmission is assessed with the photometric responsivity (V(λ)) of the human eye.

Regular light transmission

This describes the proportion of light that penetrates through the sample without scattering or dispersion. In addition to the haze value, the proportion of the directed light transmission is also of great importance in wind shields and windows specification.

Measurement of regular light transmission with LCRT-2005H-S

Measurement of direct light transmission requires a measurement distance between the light source and device receiver that corresponds to a multiple of the illumination field diameter. The sample is aligned in front of the receiver. This setup correspond to the 0/0 measurement geometry thanks to the quasi-parallel illumination and narrow measurement angle of the receiver.

PMS-RIT stand

The PMS-RIT stand is a useful accessory for the LCRT-2005H-S for regular light transmission measurements. The stable base is also suitable for large samples.

LCRT-2005H-S spectrophotometer

The LCRT-2005H-S can also be used as a spectrophotometer due to its spectral measurement detectors in source and receiver. The spectral range is between 380 and 780 nm.

USB interface with readout software

The USB interface enables data readout and power supply. The software delivered with the device can be used for measurement data readout.

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Rail-bench to extend the LCRT-2005H-S use to evaluate thin samples transmission by diffuse and regular illumination. Features: stable 1m length rail bench with stand for source and receiver. Carriage with sample holder.