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Detector for the measurement of UV-C 254 nm irradiance in air disinfection applications

  • wide dynamic range for UV hazard and effective irradiance
  • wide angle cosine F.O.V. for straylight measurements
  • for the usage with optometers
  • calibration certificate

The detector head UV-3725 is designed for the measurement of UV-C 254 nm radiation sources used in air disinfection. The UV-C radiation of air disinfection installations must be measured under the aspects of effectiv irradiance levels as well as under UV hazard aspects. 

Designed for wide dynamic

The UV-3725 detector is designed for the highest possible UV-C 254 nm irradiance sensitivity to fulfill the Need in UV hazard applications. However the wide range linearity of the photodiodes coupled with the Gigahertz-Optik optometers’s wide dynamic signal range amplifiers enable the UV-3725 detector to be used in applications with high irradiances as well.

Cosine Field-of-View

The wide angle cosine F.O.V. characteristic of the detectors spatial responsivity specifies it for stray light UV hazard measurements. 

Pre-aged components 

All optical and optoelectronic components of the UV-3725 detector pre-aged by UV-C Radiation for extended long time stability.

Compact housing

The UV-3725 irradiance detector is built in a compact 37mm diameter natural anodized aluminum housing.

Traceable calibrations 

Calibration of irradiance in W/m² and/or W/cm² as well as the detector's relative spectral responsivity is performed at Gigahertz-Optik’s Calibration Laboratory. Beside the regular calibration with spectral broadband reference lamps alternative calibrations with monochromatic or custom type reference lamps can be supplied as an option. The calibration and its traceability are confirmed in the calibration certificate supplied with each detector.

Typical spectral responsivity of UV-3725 detector

Typical spectral responsivity of UV-3725 detector

Typical field of view with excellent cosine correction 

Typical field of view with excellent cosine correction


80° FOV

80° FOV

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