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BTS256-LED Tester
Compact BiTec Spectroradiometer LED Tester for the Measurement of Total Luminous Flux of Single VIS and NIR LEDs
Multi-Purpose Touchscreen Optometer for Measurement of CW-, Single Pulse and Modulated Radiation in any Photometric and Radiometric Application


Optometer in 3HE Housing for use in 19” Racks

  • Its USB and RS232 remote interface and two additional RS232 device interfaces make the device highly flexible when it comes to system integration
  • Its four signal inputs enable use with all photometric, radiometric, colorimetric, plant-physiologic and photo-biologic measurement heads from Gigahertz-Optik

Rack-mount Meter

The X1-RM combines the same powerful electronic design as the hand held meters in a rack-mountable housing for integration into 19” 3HE racks.

Simple to Use

Operating the X1 is simple. The meter set-up is supported by an easy to use menu. The menu allows selection of the operating mode, the detector and measurement parameter. Once set-up all settings are stored and recalled on next power-up unless reinitialized. Measurement values are displayed in absolute quantities for the particular detector connected.

Four-channel Meter

The unique feature of all X1s is their capability to operate multi-cell detector heads with up to four photodiodes with all four signals displayed or read-out via the USB or RS232 interfaces.

Multipurpose Light Measurement Instrument

All X1s can be combined with most of the Gigahertz-Optik single cell or multi cell light detector heads for use in a wide application range of radiometric, photometric and colorimetric measurements.

Menu Guide

Menu item Submenu item Function
1. Mode CW Measures respective of any offset and calibration factors programmed
  Dose Accumulates the single readings as exposure for measured quantity
  CIE Yxy & T Measures the CIE Color Values Yxy & T
  CIE Yuv & T Measures the CIE Color Values Yuv & T
2. Setup Zero Adjust Performs a zero adjustment of the internal amplifier and ADC
  Integration Sets the measurement (integration) time
  Meas. Mode Selects measurement mode (DC, Pulse Synchronisation, Peak-Peak)
  Dose Time Sets max. dose measurement time
4. Detector   Selects calibration data to calculate the measurement result
5. Offset   Performs an automatic offset adjustment ("Offset = CW" or "Offset = 0")
6. Range   Sets the measurement range (auto, manual)


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