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Productos descatalogados

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List of our discontinued products

Model Image Alternative Product Remark
BTS256-E BTS256-E


BTS256-EF offers the same, more and improved specifications
X4 X4

BTS2048 Serie like BTS2048-VL, BTS2048-VL-TEC or BTS2048-UVVISNIR

Product was replaced by more advanced series
X-2000 X-2000

See our Medidores de UV

There is no 1:1 replacement, but there are several alternatives available.
HCT-99 HCT-99D

See our MSC15 or CSS-45 respectively CSS-45 with CSS-D. If you are interested in Flicker as well, see BTS256-EF

Due to the further development and use of LED light sources and spectroradiometers, we have developed measurement instruments with better measuring accuracy and which better address the needs for color information for these light sources.
PT-9610 PT-9610


Update in terms of specs, capabilities, interface and usability
X9-1 X9-1

VL-3701 or LDM-9901 with X1

Classical update
X9-2 X9-2

RCH-108 with X1

Classical update
X9-3 X9-3

LP-9901 or ISD-5-Si with X1

Classical update
X9-4 X9-4

ISD-5-VL or ISD-5-VISNIR with X1

Classical update
X9-6 X9-6

XD-9501 and XD-9503 with X1

Classical update
X9-7 x9-7

UV-3701 or UV-3702 or UV-3719 with X1

Classical update
X9-11 X9-11 + X9-11u


Classical update
PD-9310A PD-9310A


Update with new photodiode
PD-9310B PD-9310B


Update with new photodiode
PD-9304 PD-9304

MD-37 series

Update with new photodiode
PD-9310B-N PD-9310B-N


Update with new photodiode
PD-9310 with SRT-M37-L PD-9310 with SRT-M37-L

VL-3701 with SRT-M37-L or LDM-9901 or LDM-1901

Update of photodiode or spectral solution
LP-9910 LP-9910


Classical update


Price attractive solution

Please contact our sales department with any questions like successor products.