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Integrating Sphere Source with Stepwise Intensity Control

  • 80mm sphere diameter, 19 mm  luminous port diameter, ODM98 coating, halogen lamp
  • Intensity control with OD0, OD1 and OD2 spectral neutral hole-patterns
  • Options: VA, VAM, different halogen lamps (10W or 100W), calibrations of luminance, spectral radiance, lamp power supply
The uniform light source ISS-8P-HP is based on a ODM98 coating and offers an 19 mm light entrance port. Furthermore the system is equipped with a LS-OK30 light source and a filter holder which (LS-OK30-HPA) can be loaded by an OD1 and OD2 filter.

Intensity adjustment

With the help of the filters OD1 and OD2 and an empty filter (OD0) the radiance/luminance of the sphere can be adjusted in three steps. A quality measure for the intensity adjustment is a constant color temperature and no change in the homogeneity of the light entrance port. Both are achieved by the ISS-8P. A typical application for this set-up is pixel-uniformity calibration of imaging systems at three different luminance or radiance levels. The filter exchange is faster  than intensity adjustment using a variable aperture.

The light source can be equipped with LF-F or LH-F-UV quartz halogen lamps in the range of 5 W to 100 W. The power will be selected according to the needed radiance/luminance.


A calibration with included calibration certificate (cd/m²) and/or spectral radiance (W/(m²sr)) which is traceable to a national standard can be optionally purchased. The calibration is done by our internal calibration laboratory.


For operation an optional quality current regulated power supply of the LPS series (e.g. LPS-100) can be used.



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