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Detector head for high intensity irradiation in UV wide range curing processes

  • Separate light integrator and detector with rigid fiber coupling
  • (250-400)nm UV wide range responsivity
  • Cosine-corrected wide viewing angle
  • For the usage with optometers and amplifiers
  • Including calibration certificate.

In some UV curing applications, measurement of the UV irradiance in the widest possible UV spectral range is required. However, it is important that any visible light produced by the curing lamps should not be included in these measurements. See our application note about general UV curing measurements and our product overview about UV curing meters.

Product description RCH-006 irradiance detector

The RCH-006 UV detector was specially developed for use in UV radiation curing with gas discharge lamps. It offers all the features and functions of the detectors of the RCH series (see RCH-xxx Series). Its spectral responsivity was designed to cover the wide wavelength range from 250 nm to 400 nm. A lower level of absolute radiometric spectral responsivity is accepted. If necessary, correction factors for known emission spectra can be calculated.


The detectors are calibrated with regard to their responsivity to irradiance and are supplied with a factory calibration certificate that corresponds to the high standard of the measuring laboratory for optical radiation measurements of Gigahertz-Optik. If necessary, a test certificate accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 can optionally be created for the detector with the associated measuring device.

Typical spectral sensitivity (relative) of the RCH-006 detectors

Typical spectral sensitivity (relative) of the RCH-006 detectors

RCH-006 detector with flexible light guide

RCH-006 detector with flexible light guide

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