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System control for versatile light measurement applications


Application Software for Uniform Light Souces (ISS)


S-ISS Intuitive & Powerful Control Software

In addition to active control of CCT and intensity, the S-ISS can also be used for spectral measurements with the CSS-45 as well as data exports, control sequences, re-adjustments, etc. The S-ISS is therefore the system controller in software version. The performance range of the software will also be continuously increased.

Several Numerical and Graphical Displays

The S-ISS software contains several numerical and graphical displays for visualization of your measured data. These displays are user selected from the view menu and can be positioned anywhere within the application window. Each individual display arrangement can be stored and reloaded. Furthermore two different color schemes are offered, normal and dark room mode with darker background to prevent stray light from the display from reach the detector.

External devices

In addition to meausrement equipment external devices like power supplies or variable aperture can be controleld with the S-ISS.


The S-ISS is bassed on a database architecture, this allows the handling of a large number of measurements. Furthmore datasets can be easily saved, loaded and exported.

S-ISS software for regulation and control of the system

S-ISS software for regulation and control of the system

regulation plots

regulation plots

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System control for versatile light measurement applications