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Gigahertz Optik GmbH (Sede central)
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Gigahertz-Optik, Inc. (Oficina de US)
Teléfono: +1-978-462-1818

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Paquetes de software llave en mano y kits de desarrollo de software SDK para toda la gama de productos programables de Gigahertz Optik GmbH.

Turnkey software packages and SDK software development kits for the complete range of programmable products from Gigahertz Optik GmbH.

The following table lists a selection of the most important software:

Software Screenshot Description
S-BTS256 S-BTS256 Application software for BTS256 variants.
S-SDK-BTS256 S-SDK-BTS256 Software Development Kit for BTS256 variants.
S-BTS2048 S-BTS2048 Application software for BTS2048 variants.
S-SDK-BTS2048 S-SDK-BTS2048 Software Development Kit for BTS2048 variants.
S-P9710 S-P9710 Application software for P9710 variants.
S-SDK-P9710 S-SDK-P9710 Software Development Kit for the P9710 variants.
S-P9801 S-P9801 Application software for P9801 variants.
S-SDK-P9801 S-SDK-P9801 Software Development Kit for P9801 variants.
S-SDK-P2000 S-SDK-P2000 Software Development Kit for P2000 and variants.
S-X1 S-X1 Application software for X1 variants.
S-SDK-X20 S-SDK-X20 Software Development Kit for X20 variants (X1 and HCT99).
S-TR9600 S-TR9600 Application software for the TR9600 variants.
S-SDK-TR9600 S-SDK-TR9600 Software Development Kit for TR9600 variants.
S-SDK-VAR S-SDK-VAR Software Development Kit for the VAR (variable aperture).
S-SDK-GB S-SDK-GB Software Development Kit for GB variants (goniometer).
S-SDK-LPS S-SDK-LPS Software Development Kit for LPS variants (power supply).
S-MSC15 S-MSC15 Application software for MSC15 and CSS-45 variants.
S-SDK-MSC15 S-SDK-MSC15 Software Development Kit for MSC15 and CSS-45 variants.
S-PLL1701 S-PLL1701 Application software for PLL-1701 and variants.
S-SDK-PLL1701 S-SDK-PLL1701 Software Development Kit for the PLL-1701.
S-ISS S-ISS Application Software for Uniform Light Souces (ISS)

If software for a specific product is not listed here, please contact our sales department.
We also offer customized software solutions and software tools (S-T). Please contact our sales department for specific information.