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Application software for MSC15 and CSS-45 variants for measurement device control, measurement mode setup and data export.


The software allows the easy usage of the MSC15 or CSS-45 variants.

Several numerical and graphical plots

The software contains several numerical and graphical displays for visualization of your measured data.

Numerical windows:

  • spectral values
  • color values (x,y, CCT, TM-30-20/CIE224, etc.)
  • CRI (color rendering index)
  • intensity and set-up parameters
  • measurement settings
  • etc.

Graphic windows:

  • spectral plot
  • Chromaticity Diagrams
  • CRI (color rendering index)
  • etc.
MSC15 Software

MSC15 Software

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Software Development Kit for MSC15 and CSS-45 variants for full measurement device control and implementation in own software.