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Light Measurement Products and Systems

Explore our eight product categories to help pinpoint the best UV-VIS-NIR measurement device, spectral light meter, luxmeter, system or component for your application. Can’t find exactly what you need? Beside our standard line of products we offer customer-specific solutions.

We would be happy to help you further. You can contact us at any time.

Light Meters, Detectors, UV-VIS-NIR Radiometers

Devices and systems for photometric, radiometric and colorimetric measurements of light and optical radiation. Light Meters and Radiometers for different applications like UV radiation, Laser measurements, LED measurements, photomedicine and much more.

Spectral Light Meters, UV-VIS-NIR Spectroradiometers

Spectroradiometers for use as portable devices and fixed installation systems for measuring the spectral distribution of sources over the UV-visible-NIR wavelength range in absolute units. We offer all kind of versions for spectral ranges starting at 200 nm to 2150 nm. Direct input optics, optical fibers, radiance optics, etc.

Spectrophotometers, Laboratory and Analysis Systems

Instruments, accessories and calibration standards for in-situ and ex-situ optical transmission, reflection, absorption, and photoluminescence measurements

Integrating Spheres

Integrating spheres for setting-up measurement systems for measuring light and optical radiation, transmission, reflection and absorption as well as for integrating sphere light sources. We as an experienced manufacturer of integrating spheres can surely implement your application ideally! Either based on standard integrating sphere systems or individually configured integrating sphere setups.

Uniform Light Sources, Luminance Standards

Uniform light sources for the adjustment of pixels and intensity of image sensors and cameras as well as for the calibration of luminance and spectral radiance or in other words: Solutions for Imaging, Sensing & Remote Sensor Calibration.

Reflectance Materials and Coatings

Diffuse reflective materials. Synthetics (ODM) for the production of integrating spheres, laser resonators and reflection standards e.g. for calibration of spectral cameras or LiDAR applications. Barium sulfate coating (BaSO4) for integrating spheres and reflectors. Gold coating for NIR and IR spectral range.

Calibration Standards, Calibration Services

ISO 17015 traceable calibrated reference lamps, detectors and reflectors for the calibration and adjustment of sensors and measurement devices for light, optical radiation and light reflection. We offer as well many ISO 17025 calibration services.

Opto-Mechanics, Electronics, Software, Accessories

A variety of complementary products expand the function of our measuring instruments and support the configuration of complete measuring systems.