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Reflectance Materials and Coatings

Diffuse reflective materials. Synthetics for the production of integrating spheres, laser resonators and reflection standards e.g. for calibration of spectral cameras or LiDAR applications. Barium sulfate coating (BaSO4) for integrating spheres and reflectors.

Diffuse materials suitable for photonics must have special properties which even depend on the application. For example, reflectance standards used in calibration or characterization of camera systems or spectral imaging systems must be particularly stable against aging, including UV aging. A robust surface is also necessary to simplify handling. Fluorescence free is as important as lambertian scattering and perfect homogeneity. Here we offer our high quality ODM material, which can also be machined to customer specific shapes. In addition, many gray-levels are possible.

Besides the use as standard or normal, this material is also suitable as a so-called target for LiDAR applications. Especially its good mechanical machinability, stability and handling are to be emphasized.

It is also suitable for use in laser resonators or as a directly milled integrating sphere.

In addition to this bulk material, we also offer our liquid barium sulfate BaSO4 material, which is mainly used for integrating sphere coating. This material is also fluorescence-free after aging, long-term stable, highly reflective and can be coated with the highest homogeneity using the production instructions provided.

ODM98 Synthetic White Diffuse Material

High reflectance diffuse material. Wavelength range 250 nm to 2500 nm. Available as raw material and machined parts.

ODMP Grey Scale Reflectance Material

Grey scale reflectance diffuse material. Wavelength range 250 nm to 2500 nm. Available as raw material and machined parts.

ODP97 Barium Sulphate Coating Material

Ready-to-spray barium sulphate coating material. Diffuse white reflectance.