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Uniform Light Sources, Luminance Standards

Uniform light sources for the adjustment of pixels and intensity of image sensors and cameras as well as for the calibration of luminance and spectral radiance.

Homogeneous light sources are used, for example, for the pixel test of image sensors and camera systems. Here, large light fields with high homogeneity of luminance are sometimes necessary. The image sensors are aligned to such a light field in order to apply the same intensity to each pixel and to characterize it. Deviations of the pixel signals can be compensated. See also on our application pages.

Gigahertz Optik GmbH manufactures such uniform light sources using integrating spheres from our own product line. A major challenge for us as a manufacturer is the wide variety of applications. Therefore, we have adapted to these requirements by means of a modular system. By combining the appropriate modules, cost-effective and individual solutions can be offered. Thus, a combinationof intensity control, increased dynamics, LED or broadband light sources, is the rule.

Our calibration laboratory (ISO 17025) for spectral irradiance and spectral sensitivity, accredited since 1993 by the German Calibration Service (DKD) and the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), also offers the necessary know-how to provide suitable calibrations. (Registration number DKD-K-10601). Our DAkkS test laboratory D-PL-15047 can perform ISO 17025 accredited luminance tests.

As well as the standard products listed, there are many product possibilities not shown on the website. Please contact us for your specific request!

Uniform Light Sources with Continous Emission Spectrum

Tungsten halogen lamp based uniform light sources.

LED Uniform Light Sources

Integrating sphere light source with LED illuminants (white, RGB-coloured, NIR).

Uniform Light Sources - Unique and Specialist Configurations

Custom integrating sphere light sources for specialist applications and for use in demanding environmental conditions.