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Uniform Light Sources, Luminance Standards

Uniform light sources for the adjustment of pixels and intensity of image sensors and cameras as well as for the calibration of luminance and spectral radiance or in other words: Solutions for Imaging, Sensing & Remote Sensor Calibration.

Solutions for Imaging, Sensing & Remote Sensor Calibration

Optical sensors, detectors, arrays, high-speed cameras, industrial testing cameras and earth observation systems need different kind of characterization and/or correction procedures during their development, production process and quality control. As well as often later in the applications themselves to meet the demands of nowadays image and data driven markets.

Homogeneous light sources are used, for example, for the pixel test of image sensors and camera systems. Often large luminance light fields with high homogeneity of luminance are necessary. The image sensors are aligned to such a constant luminance field in order to apply the same intensity to each pixel and to characterize it. Deviations of the pixel signals can be compensated. See also on our application sites about camera calibration and image sensor pixel tests.

integrating sphere sources

Gigahertz Optik GmbH manufactures such uniform light sources using integrating spheres from our own product line. A major challenge for us as a manufacturer to serve our customers ideally is the wide variety of applications. To meet this need, we have developed a powerful modular integrating sphere source concept for customized solutions. By combining the appropriate modules, cost-effective and individual solutions can be offered. Thus, a combination of intensity control, increased dynamics, LED or broadband light sources, is the rule. E.g in order to address the EMVA 1288 standard for machine vision sensors and cameras.

Our calibration laboratory (accredited according to ISO 17025 since 1993), offers the necessary know-how to provide suitable traceable calibrations of highest quality. Our DAkkS test laboratory D-PL-15047 can perform ISO 17025 accredited luminance tests.

High Homogenity ISS 19

In the following three subsections we present some of our standard broadband luminance standards (mostly tungsten based) as well as LED based homogeneous light sources (different LED configurations possible, also tunable) and some exemplarily specialist configurations like veiling glare test rig, homogeneous light sources for climate chambers or a sun-like (AM) aging rig. Since we are a manufacturer with one of the largest product portfolios for integrating sphere sources or radiance standards we have much more configurations available which are not presented yet on the webpage. 

ISS Comp3

Please contact us to find a ideal solution for you request!

Uniform Light Sources with Continuous Emission Spectrum

Tungsten halogen lamp based uniform light sources with options like manual or remote control variable intensity or monitor detectors.

LED Uniform Light Sources

Integrating sphere light source with LED illuminants (white, RGB-colored, NIR). Options available like variable output control and monitor detectors. We are experts in providing customer specific systems. Please contact us for all possible solutions and finding your perfect solutions. E.g. for EMVA 1288 Standard.

Uniform Light Sources - Unique and Specialist Configurations

We ware experts for custom integrating sphere light sources for specialist applications and for use in demanding environmental conditions. Please contact us with your specific request.