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Light Meters, Detectors, UV-VIS-NIR Radiometers

Devices and systems for photometric, radiometric and colorimetric measurements of light and optical radiation.


A detector head comprises one or more photodiodes each with an appropriate optical bandpass filter, diffuser, lens assembly, integrating sphere or other optical elements. Detector heads are calibrated in the Gigahertz-Optik GmbH's calibration laboratory.

Optometers, Amplifiers, Display Meters

Optometers are a specific type of digital multimeter (DMM) used for optical radiation measurements. The particular light detector(s) connected determine the wavelength range/spectral weighting function and displayed measurement units.

UVC Radiometers

UV radiometers for measuring the irradiance (µW / cm²) and dose (mJ / cm²) of germicidal lamps including Hg, excimer and xenon lamps as well as UV-C LEDs

Meters for UV-VIS-NIR Radiometry

Radiometers for the measurement of UV-visible-NIR irradiance (W/m²) and radiant flux (W).

Light Meters for Photometry

Comprehensive range of solutions for the measurement of illuminance (lux), luminance (cd/m²), luminous flux (lumens) and luminous intensity (cd).

Radiometers for Laser Radiation

Radiometers, dosimeters and data loggers for irradiance, laser power, laser energy and pulse shape in the 400 nm - 1100 nm wavelength range.

Light Meters for LEDs

Photometers for the measurement of visible LEDs and radiometers for UV , visible and NIR LEDs.

UV Curing Meters

Radiometers and spectroradiometers for UV curing intensity and dose measurements. A critical quality feature of UV curing processes is the control of the UV dose within the wavelength range required of the particular photoinitiators ..........

UV Meters

UV light meters for the measurement of UV-A, UV-B and UV-C irradiance (W/m2).

Light hazard meters

Light meters to determine the UV radiation (skin and eye), blue light (eye) and infrared (skin) hazards in accordance with international standard.

Photomedicine Light Meters

Light meters for the measurement of optical radiation in therapeutic, diagnostic, ophthalmological, and endoscopic applications.

Light Meters for Horticulture (PAR, UV and NIR)

Light meters for measuring horticultural lighting in terms of PAR, UV and NIR irradiance.