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Integrating Spheres

Integrating spheres for setting-up measurement systems for measuring light and optical radiation, transmission, reflection and absorption as well as for integrating sphere light sources.

The mode of operation of the integrating sphere as a hollow sphere with a diffuse reflective inner coating is presented in detail in our tutorials, among others:


Integrating spheres are configured by us as a manufacturer for their use as detectors, light sources or photometers (absorption, transmission and refection). However, due to the many different applications, there is no "one" standard sphere. Gigahertz-Optik therefore offers both, standard products in different configurations as well as individual products tailored to the application and the customer. In particular, the integrating sphere construction kit with its large selection of components offers a lot of freedom in the design of the sphere.

integrating sphere construction kit

This is complemented by a large number of accessories as well as customer-specific adaptation options. ISD stands for Integrating Sphere Detector, ISS for Integrating Sphere Light Source and ISP for Integrating Sphere Photometer.

Integrating Sphere Construction Kit

A universal kit for the custom configuration of integrating spheres and integrating sphere light sources. The use of standard components provides cost effective and timely implementation. Complete solutions for measuring systems and integrating sphere light sources.

Integrating Spheres for Reflection, Transmission and Absorption

Integrating spheres and accessories optimized for the measurement of reflection, transmission, absorption and photoluminescence.

Integrating Spheres with Synthetic Coating

Integrating spheres with synthetic ODM98 coating. Precise CNC machining. Diameter from 8 mm to 250 mm.

Integrating Sphere Light Sources

Integrating sphere light sources with continuous broadband or LED narrow band emission spectrum. Uniform light sources for use as luminance standards for camera calibration, for the determination of veiling glare, for the adjustment of night vision devices and much more. Uniform light sources with diameters from 50 mm to 500 mm, monitor detector options, signal output control by manual and remote apertures, etc.

Integrating Sphere Based Spectroradiometer Systems

Spectroradiometer systems with integrating sphere for the measurement of UV-VIS-NIR spectral radiant flux (W/nm) and luminous flux (lm) and chromaticity metrics.

Broadband Light Meters with Integrating Sphere

Broadband light meters with integrating sphere for measuring laser power (W) and luminous flux (lm).