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Spectral Light Meters, UV-VIS-NIR Spectroradiometers

Spectroradiometers for use as portable devices and fixed installation systems for measuring the spectral distribution of sources over the UV-visible-NIR wavelength range in absolute units. We offer all kind of versions for spectral ranges starting at 200 nm to 2150 nm. Direct input optics, optical fibers, radiance optics, etc.

We are a manufacturer of high quality spectroradiometers and spectral light meters for numerous applications. The instruments are developed, built and characterized in-house in our ISO17025 calibration laboratory. The expertise in our comprehensive calibration laboratory with its extensive measuring equipment, including a tunable laser, enables us to characterize and correct our devices very precisely (e.g. stray light correction matrix, bandpass correction, non-linearity correction) as well as optimize them already during development. Particular the optical characteristics such as the highest imaging quality in very small mobile devices as well as innovative technologies like the BTS technology (mutual correction with integral sensor) and optical filter methods for stray light correction of array-spectroradiometers make our spectroradiometer superior. The use of high-quality CCD and CMOS sensors, some with electronic shutters and integration times in the µs range (allows a factor of 1000 higher dynamic range by just integration time compared to conventional devices) as well as high-quality optical components such as mirrors and gratings are all part of our philosophy.

Over the years, we have developed a variety of device variants to cover a wide range of spectral ranges from UV, Visible to NIR and applications (200 nm to 2150 nm). Devices can be equipped with various entrance optics directly mounted or configured for use with optical fibers. Laboratory, industrial or weather proof devices, as well as mobile handheld or orientation-independent devices for goniometers are available. See for instance our BTS2048 Series and this spectroradiometer BTS2048 brochure.

Beside this high-end spectroradiometer devices as well our mobile spectral meters and spectral lux meters like the BTS256-EFBTS256-LED Tester and  MSC15 or  CSS-45 are highly attractive when it comes to application orientation like flicker measurements, PAR measurements, single LED testing with highest accuracy for spectral measuring mobile devices.

We are as well able to absolute calibrate the spectroradiometers in the needed radiometric quantities. Spectral irradiance, spectral radiant power or spectral radiance. Depending on the application and the system setup, e.g. input diffusors, fibers, radiance optic.

Spectral Light Meters for Photometric and Colorimetric Measurements

Comprehensive range of spectroradiometers for the measurement of illuminance (lux), luminance (cd/m²), luminous flux (lumens), luminous intensity (cd) as well as the colorimetric characteristic values such as chromaticity coordinates (x,y,u',v') or color rendering index (CRI), etc.

Spectroradiometers for Radiometry

Comprehensive range of spectroradiometers for measuring radiometric parameters in the spectral range 200 nm to 2150 nm.

Spectroradiometers for LED/Laser Measurements

Spectroradiometers for measuring white light and color LEDs, UV LEDs and NIR LEDs in CW and pulse mode. Measurement of Laser and VCSEL. Portable and fixed installation instruments for photometric, radiometric, colorimetric and flicker measurements.

Spectroradiometer for Measuring Natural and Artificial Solar Radiation

UV-visible-NIR spectroradiometers with accessories for measuring solar radiation - natural daylight and solar simulators

Spectroradiometers for UV Curing

Spectroradiometers and radiometers for UV curing & other high intensity UV applications. E.g. the measurement of mercury vapor lamps and or UV LEDs.

Spectroradiometers for Light Hazard

Spectroradiometer Solutions for the Measurement and Assessment of Light Hazard