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Array spectrometers – used extensively in spectroscopy and optical radiation applications


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Gigahertz Optik array spectrometer


Presentation overview:

  • Array spectrometers / spectroradiometers – entrance optics
  • Array spectroradiometers - calibration
  • Stray light causes
  • ‘Out of Range’ stray light
  • Significance of stray light for UV measurements
  • Double monochromators
  • Stray light suppression in array spectroradiometers
  • Mathematical corrections
  • Stray light matrix correction
  • Limitations of mathematical corrections
  • Use of filters
  • BTS2048-UV-S stray light corrected spectroradiometer
  • PTB characterization of BTS2048-UV-S
  • BTS2048-UV-S-WP Solar irradiance measurements
  • TOC inter-comparison Izaña
  • TOC inter-comparison measurement results
  • UV LED measurement, spectroscopy
  • Proven UV performance - applications
  • Conclusion