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  • App001 Temperature effect on LEDs
  • App028 Total flux of PDT fibres
  • App022 Pulse energy of laser beams
  • App023 UV laser confocal microscopes
  • App024 Laser rangefinders power & energy
  • App025 Bilirubin effective irradiance
  • App026 UV phototherapy dosimetry
  • App027 Pulsed excimer laser dosimetry
  • App029 Sphere sources continuous spectrum
  • App020 Uncertainty for UV radiometers
  • App030 EMVA 1288 imaging devices
  • App031 Compact spectral radiance sphere
  • App032 Source for rain & light sensors
  • App033 Veiling glare of imaging systems
  • App034 Transmission of large glass panes
  • App035 Sphere design for material properties
  • App021 Irradiance of UV LED curing
  • App002 Board mounted LED measure
  • App004 QC of LED spotlights
  • App005 SSL of indoor work places
  • App006 LED grow lights measure
  • App007 Human Centric Lighting measure
  • App008 Flicker of SSL products
  • App010 Non-laser optical radiation safety
  • App018 Total ozone column
  • App011 Sun tanning studios
  • App012 UV-C disinfection measure
  • App017 UV-Index Bewertung der Sonne
  • App013 Personal dosimetry of UV
  • App014 UV radiation of arc welding
  • App015 Traceable calibration solar radiation
  • App016 Climatic challenges solar radiation
  • App017 Solar irradiance for UV index
  • App036 Calibration of 8/d reflection


  • Broadband light meters with integrating sphere
  • Broadband Light Meters for Photometry


  • Calibration standards & Calibration Services
  • Calibrated diffuse reflectance standards
  • Control electronics


  • DAkkS
  • DAkkS Calibration and Testing laboratory
  • Dosimeter
  • Detectors


  • General and special lighting


  • Integrating spheres
  • Integrating spheres for reflection, transmission, absorption
  • Instrument cases
  • Integrating sphere construction kit
  • Integrating spheres for reflection, transmission and absorption
  • Integrating spheres with synthetic coating
  • Integrating sphere light sources
  • Integrating sphere based spectroradiometer systems
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Services
  • Image sensor


  • Light meters, Detectors, UV-VIS-NIR Radiometers
  • Light meters for photometry
  • Light meters for LEDs
  • Light hazard meters
  • Laboratory and Analysis Systems
  • Light meters for horticulture (PAR, UV and NIR)
  • LED uniform light sources
  • LED manufacturing and assembling
  • Light hazard
  • Laser radiation measurements


  • Multichannel
  • Meters for UV-VIS-NIR radiometry


  • NIR


  • Opto-Mechanics, Electronics, Software, Accessories
  • Optometers, amplifiers, display meters
  • ODM98 Synthetic white diffuse material
  • ODMP Grey scale reflectance material
  • ODP97 Barium sulphate coating material
  • Optics and opto-mechanics
  • Optical material properties


  • Photomedicine light meters
  • Portable spectrophotometers for light transmission
  • Photomedicine


  • Reflectance materials and coatings
  • Radiometers for laser radiation
  • Reflectance standards


  • Spectral light meters, UV-VIS-NIR spectroradiometers
  • Spectrophotometers, Laboratory and Analysis Systems
  • Spectral light meters for photometric and colorimetric measurements
  • Spectroradiometers for radiometry
  • Spectroradiometers for LED measurements
  • Spectroradiometer for measuring natural and artificial solar radiation
  • Spectroradiometers for UV curing
  • Spectroradiometers for laser radiation
  • Spectral irradiance / illuminance calibration standards
  • Spectral radiance / luminance calibration standards
  • Spectral radiant flux / luminous flux calibration standards
  • Spectral responsivity
  • Software
  • Spectroradiometer for measuring solar radiation in outdoor use
  • Spectroradiometer for measuring artificial solar radiation of solar simulators
  • Solar radiation


  • Transmission spectrophotometers - ex-situ
  • Transimpedance amplifiers


  • UV
  • Uniform light sources, luminance standards
  • UVC-Radiometers
  • UV curing meters
  • UV meters
  • Uniform light sources with continous emission spectrum
  • Uniform light sources - unique and specialist configurations
  • Uniformity calibration standards
  • UV radiation


  • VIS


  • Weatherproof