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Quality Control of LED Spotlights

Quality Control of LED Spotlight Manufacturing Processes with a Single Measuring Device

App. 004

The development and manufacture of good quality LED spotlights requires an extensive range of photometric and colorimetric measurements. The investment required for equipping and operating a comprehensive photometric test laboratory can seem prohibitive for the many medium-sized manufacturers offering products in this marketplace. Therefore, the possibility of a universally applicable and compact measuring device for the various measurement tasks is attractive.

The optical parameters that are required to be measured in the development and production processes of LED spotlights include:

  • Luminous flux and chromaticity including CCT of the LED

  • Luminous flux and chromaticity including CCT of the LEDs assembled on PCBs

  • Luminous flux and chromaticity including CCT of the LED with optics

  • Luminous intensity

  • Luminous intensity spatial distribution

These photometric and colorimetric measures require a selection of input optics configured with a suitably calibrated spectroradiometer. With the BTS256-LED Plus Concept Gigahertz-Optik GmbH offers an affordable spectroradiometer with accessories for all of the above listed measurement tasks.