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Spectrophotometers, Laboratory and Analysis Systems

Instruments, accessories and calibration standards for in-situ and ex-situ optical transmission, reflection, absorption, and photoluminescence measurements

With the SphereSpectro 150H spectrophotometer, we enable the separate measurement of spectral absorption coefficient and effective scattering coefficient for scattering/turbid samples for the first time for laboratory and analytical instruments. This shows the innovative power of our products. Of course, classical transmission and absorption measurements are also possible.

With the LCRT family such as the LCRT-2005H-S , mobile transmission measurements and haze measurements are possible. Here, too, an innovative self-correction approach to light source fluctuations enables the highest measurement accuracy in mobile use.

With the help of our Integrating Sphere Construction Kit , we can also implement your individual sphere solution for transmission and absorption measurements. We also offer standard spheres for the most common requirements.

This product range is completed with our reflection standards which we calibrate in our DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 calibration laboratory.

Laboratory and Analysis Systems

High performance UV-VIS-IR spectrophotometer with superb optical performance for the determination of spectral absorption coefficient and spectral effective scattering coefficients

Portable Spectrophotometers for Light Transmission

Portable and benchtop spectrophotometers for measuring light transmission in the full visible range in-situ. Due to the innovative approach of mutual correction, these measurements are also possible in ambient light.

Integrating Spheres for Reflection, Transmission, Absorption

Universal integrating spheres and accessories optimized for the measurement of reflection, transmission, absorption and photoluminescence

Calibrated Diffuse Reflectance Standards

Diffuse reflection calibration standards in synthetic ODM and ODMP material