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Remote Sensing Metrology Solutions

Sensing and Remote sensors Calibration and Characterization

App. 046

Remote sensors and optical sensors in general need sophisticated device characterizations like:

  • Linearization
  • White balance correction
  • Bad pixel correction
  • Radiometeric and FOV Calibration
  • Veiling glare quantification
  • Wavelength calibration (spectral imaging devices like hyperspectral cameras, pushbroom imaging, spectral snapshot imaging)

Different Product Stages have different Needs

This processes start in R&D projects all the way to series production and quality processes. Resulting the needes for such uniform lightsources also depend strongly on the application purpose. R&D systems may need multiple entrance port configurations of the integrating sphere, variable apertures for intensity control, different light sources like LEDs and continues spectral sources like tungston, Xenon or Deuterium, etc. Very often SDK options for flexible programming needs are of importance.

In production lines or for qualtiy control purposes other needs are in focus. Protection against dust and humidity, PLC integration, smart recalibration procedures to name a few.

Our strength is to support you during this process and help you with cutomized designed systems in order to be successful.

customiized integration sphere source for sensing

Customized Integrating Sphere Source for Sensor Calibration

Fisheye Camera Calibration

Fisheye Camera Calibration

Applications of Sensing and Remote Sensing Calibration and Characterization

Nowadays where data driven technologies play an important role there are so many fields of application and these are steadily growing. The following list does not claim to be complete, but it hints at the versatility.

  • Industrial vision camera calibration for sorting of products, quality control, etc.
  • Earth observation systems like satellites
  • Hyperspectral imaging devices like pushbroom camera characterizations and calibrations, spectral snaphsot imaging, etc.
  • Objective and lens characterizations for stray light, veiling glare, etc.
  • Industrial and scientific needs

Your partner for Sensing and Remote Sensing Metrology Solutions

We offer standard solutions and additional we have the capability for designing customized solutions and OEM solutions perfectly according to your needs. Customer centered product design connected with Know-how and ISO 17025 traceable calibrations makes us your partner in order to be successful. See our product range of sensing and remote sensing calibration solutions.

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