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Measurement of UV Radiation During Arc Welding

Measurement and Evaluation of UV Radiation during Arc Welding

App. 014

The use of personal protection equipment (PPE) is essential during welding processes due to the high levels of UV radiation produced. Evaluating the hazard associated with UV exposure during welding processes, requires the spectral irradiance to be measured and weighted in terms of biological effectiveness. The measurement of the dynamic optical processes within welding arcs requires specialist equipment as well as expertise in its use and evaluation of the measurement results.

Scientific Publication of UV Safety during Welding

The IFA, Sankt Augustin and the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Dortmund have produced comprehensive research reportson the measurement and evaluation of UV radiation exposure during welding processes [1], including consideration of the dynamic aspects [2] .

Measurment Euquipment for UV Safety Measurements during Welding

The reports employ a wide range of specialist measurement equipment from Gigahertz-Optik GmbH, including UV spectroradiometers [3], UV radiometers [4][5] and personal dosimeters [6][7].


[1] IFA – Emission of UV radiation during arc welding

[2] Optische Strahlenbelastung beim Schweißen – Erfassung und Bewertung

[3] BTS2048-UV-S for high quality UV measurements

[4] P-9801 with XD45-HUV and XD-45-HB, fast 8-channel Optometer with ICNIRP UV and Blue light hazard detectors

[5] P-9710 Optometer with LDM-9811 radiance detector with 1,7 mrad for LB

[6] X2012-11 Data logger Dosimeter for ICNIRP actinic UV irradiance

[7] X2012-14 Data logger Dosimeter for radiometric UV-A und UV-B irradiance