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Vektrex SMU and BTS2048

DCP Test Station for UV LEDs

App. 048

UV LED measurements have always been a challenge due to the lower efficiency of the LEDs, lower signals and longer integration times temperature effects are a challenging task. This leads to significant measurement errors. With the DCP (Differential Continuous Pulse) measurement method and answer has been found for this challenge.

IES LM-92-22 DCP Method Requirements and Measurement Solution

For accurate measurements with the DCP method (IES LM-92-22 and ongoing work in CIE TC2-91) two things are important:

  • A fast (µs range) spectroradiometer which is optimized for UV measurements
  • A fast (µs pulses) SMU

If this is not sufficiently given the measurement uncertainty raises since temperature effects or jitter produce larger errors.

Together with VektrexTM we set-up a UV LED Test station for accurate and fast DCP method measurements. The current is sweeped automatically within the desired range and the full scan can be done within seconds to minutes. Either run with a Python script or in the S-BTS2048 application software.

example DCP UV LED measurement

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