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Model Image Spectral range / nm Transmission measurement range Measurement Resolution Measurement beam Standard illuminants Remark
LCRT-2005H-S LCRT-2005H-S

380 nm 至 780 nm

(5 -100) % 0.10% D/0 geometry 6.6 mm Ø, Haze according ASTM D1003−13 A, C, D65 Mobile measuring Instrument for light transmission and haze in ambient light conditions.
B2S-40-TRTH B2S-40-TRTH (5 -100) % 0.10% D/0 geometry 6.6 mm Ø, A, C, D65 Rail-bench, 1m length, to extend the LCRT-2005H-S use to evaluate thin samples transmission by diffuse and regular illumination.
PMS-RIT PMS-RIT (5 -100) % 0.10% D/0 geometry 6.6 mm Ø A, C, D65 Stand to extend the LCRT-2005H-S use to measure the regular (in-line) transmission of thick samples up to 100mm thickness.