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Spectroradiometer Solutions for the Measurement and Assessment of Light Hazard

Model Image Entrance Optic Wavelength range / nm Optical Bandwidth Measurement range - Broadband detector Measurement range- Spectral sensor Remark
BTS2048-UV BTS2048-UV 10 mm Ø Cosinus diffuser f2 ≤ 3%

(190 - 430) nm

0.8 nm

(5E-3 - 2E5) W/m² (1) (3E-5 - 3E4) W/(m²nm) @325nm Erythema, Risk Group, etc. With stray light matrix and combination with optical filters double monochromator like.
BTS2048-VL-TEC with LDM-1901 LDM-1901 Telescope optics for measuring the spectral radiance at two fixed distances, 200 mm and 1000 mm. Apertures for 100 mrad, 11 mrad and 1.7 mrad field of view. Camera-based viewfinder.

(300 - 1050) nm, or (200 - 400) nm, or integral detector (depeding on version)

2 nm or 0.8nm or n.a. (depending on version)

Spectral measuring device for the photobiological risk group classification of optical radiation sources in the spectral range 300 nm to 1050 nm according to IEC 62471:2006 and EN 62471:2008 VDE 0837-471:2009-03