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Bench-top and rack housing for 3HE rack modules. Features: The bench-top housings are available in half, third or full 19” widths. Power supply modules for (110-230) V, 50/60 Hz with low DC voltages for both external devices and those within the housing.


BTH-19 Series 19” 3HE Housings 

Gigahertz-Optik manufactures electronic devices like lamp power supplies, stationary optometers and instrument controllers that can be combined with other light measurement devices for complete application set-ups in the field of light measurement, optoelectronic component qualification and (OPM) optical properties of material testing.

The modular concept of the 19” 3HE housings enables individual set-ups based on customers requirements.

Electronic devices are installed into the BTS-19 series housings that are available in bench top or in rack mount style.