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Light-reflection hand-held meter series for flat samples, UV reflection measurements

  • Fast and precise measurement
  • Two measurement geometries
  • Use of a monitor detector for automatic correction for highest accuracy
  • UV LED based light source

UV reflection

UV reflection is an important parameter of materials by,for instance, the planing of UV disinfection light installations. It is particularly of importance when it comes to specification of reflection material, wall color, etc.

LCR-20 UV reflection measurement device

The LCR-20 is especially designed for light reflection measurement of surfaces in the UV spectral range. 45° and 0° measurement geometry are possible and the device comprises of a collimated UV radiation source (LED based) with reference detector for correction of light source fluctuations and a UV-37xx detector. The signals are directly measured, corrected and evaluation with a special version of the versatile X1 meter. Both, light source and meter are running with battery. The one of the light source with an USB rechargeable Li-Ion type. For recalibration in field an optional ODM reference standard is used for calibration at 45°/0°  (diffuse reflectance) and for recalibration at 45°/45° (specular reflectance) a UV-enhanced mirror is supplied optionally. To ensure the best possible traceability, the reference standards are available in two versions. One version with traceable calibration and one without calibration. The version without calibration is used in the field as a transfer standard, where the respective calibrated standard is only occasionally used to adjust the transfer standard values. All standards are delivered in a closed housing to avoid external influences from the environment.

LCR-21 UV reflection measurement device

The LCR-21 is based on the same concept, but two detectors are used to perform the measurement simultaneously. In addition, both measured values can be shown on the display.

Measurement device for freehand measurements

The integrated UV LED based light source is tracked by an reference sensor and corrected dynamically. This allows freehand measurements in the field since all influences to the light source like temperature, orientation are corrected. One of the characteristic properties of the LCR series is its ability to easily perform a quick measurement:

  1. Connection of the source and X1-5 V01 meter
  2. For diffuse measurement at 0/45° position do the recalibration with optional ODM reference
  3. Alignment to the test sample/surface
  4. Start of measurement
  5. Display of the measurement values
  6. For specular measurement at 45°/45° use the specular calibration standard and repeat item 3 to 5 (with the LCR-21, steps 3 to 5 do not have to be repeated, since the second detector performs them in parallel)
  7. For total reflectance measurement sum up both measurement results from item 5 (diffuse + specular)

Traceable measurements

We offer ODM reflection standards for applications where traceable measurement values are required.

Measurement geometry LCR-20

Measurement geometry LCR-20

LCR-21 light source with detector

LCR-21 light source with detector

LCR-20 light source with detector

LCR-20 light source with detector

X1 Optometer

X1 Optometer

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