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Photometric detector head with M30x1 mount

  • Modular detector for use MD-37, SRT and other accessories
  • Photometric respnosivity
  • For use with optometers and signal amplifiers

Modular Light Measurement Technology 

Some photometric application areas require measurement devices that are usually not available in standard versions. For simplified customized solutions, Gigahertz-Optik offers a series of modular components. These can be flexibly combined depending on the various requirements. 

Photometric Module Detector 

The high quality, extensive Si-photodiode of the MD-37-SU100-VL is carefully matched to the photometric DIN and CIE V(λ) nominal curve using a multilayer optical correction filter. The V(λ) matching of the luminous flux measurement head generally corresponds to the DIN-5032-T7 quality class B. 

Extensive Range of Accessories with M30x1 Connector 

Numerous accessories which include lens adapter, integrating sphere adapters and UPB and UPK series integrating spheres are offered for the MD-37-SU100-VL module detector with its M30x1 threaded bore.

Use with all Optometers 

The detector can be combined with all Optometers, Amplifiers, Display Meters and light meters from Gigahertz-Optik. 

Traceable Calibration 

The MD-37-SU100-VL module detector can be calibrated in terms of its absolute illuminance responsivity and relative spectral responsivity. Calibrations for combinations of the detector and the accessories are offered for the corresponding photometric measurands. Calibration is performed by the Gigahertz-Optik calibration laboratory for optical radiation measurands. The calibrations are documented in an individually compiled calibration certificate. The design and contents of the calibration certificate are in accordance with the ISO 17025 specifications.

MD-37-SU100-VL typical V(λ) responsivity

MD-37-SU100-VL typical V(λ) responsivity

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