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Preconfigured hollow sphere of the UM series modular construction integrating spheres

  • Detector applications for 2π and 4π sources
  • A hemisphere to open
  • 20 in / 500 mm diameter sphere with bench stand
  • 97% barium sulfate coating

Modular integrating sphere concept

The modular integrating sphere concept from Gigahertz-Optik offers a high flexibility level when it comes to individual configuration of integrating spheres. In addition to the various components such as port frames, baffles and sockets that can be directly mounted onto the integrating sphere, numerous other accessories are offered for configuration of application-ready integrating spheres and integrating sphere measurement systems.

Base sphere to open with 500mm / 20“ diameter

The starting point of every individually configured integrating sphere is a base sphere. The UMTB-500HF base sphere has a 500mm (20 inches) internal diameter. The anterior half of the sphere can be opened.

Reflective coating made of barium sulfate

The UMTB-500HF is coated with a diffusely reflective coating made of barium sulfate. Gigahertz-Optik uses its self-manufactured ODP97 color for the coating. The multilayer coating guarantees excellent diffuse reflective properties over the entire usable spectral range.

Sphere ports with port frames

Sphere ports are usually designed with a port frame onto which the accessories can be mounted. Port frames with free ports having diameters ranging from 12.5 to 152.4 mm are hereby offered for the UMTB-500HF.


Baffles are placed between sphere openings or in front of detectors and light sources to prevent direct illumination. Different baffle designs and sizes are available.

Complementary products

Gigahertz-Optik offers a wide range of port adapters, sphere accessories, radiation detectors and light meters which can be assembled for various applications.

The anterior half of the UMTB-500HF base sphere can be widely opened enabling easy access to the inside of the sphere

The anterior half of the UMTB-500HF base sphere can be widely opened enabling easy access to the inside of the sphere

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System for the luminous flux measurement of 4π (optional 2π and 4π) light fixtures inside a sphere. Features: Integrating sphere with 50cm hemispherical shell for opening and closing and auxiliary lamps. Light meter with Bi-Technology sensor for acurate measurement of luminous flux, spectral radiant power, CCT, CRI, chromaticity coordinates, etc.