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X9-11 + X9-11u

254nm UV-C Radiometer. Features: Mobile meter. Measurement of 254nm UV-C irradiance from disinfection lamps (UVGI = UV Germicidal Irradiance Effective Radiation) and UV-C-EPROM erasing lamps.

X9-11 + X9-11u

The X911 (Xnine eleven) meter in combination with the UV-3718-4 detector forms a compact hand-held radiometer for the measurement of irradiance and irradiance dose of monochromatic optical radiation at 254nm. It has now been superseded by the X1-1-UV-3718 UVC radiometer which offers improved performance and greater functionality.

Measurement of UV-C254nm irradiance of low pressure mercury lamps used in germicidal & bactericidal sterilization and eprom eraser

The UV-3718-4 detector is designed for the measurement of high intensity ultraviolet radiation at 254nm. For long time stable operation with short wavelength high energy radiation the detectors diffuser, its band pass filter and photodiode are pre-aged by UV radiation. Beside that the front of the detector and its cable are protected with stainless steel plate and stainless steel spiral tube.

Simple to Use Lightmeter

The X911 meter is a handheld battery operated meter with 9 mm high character LCD display for easy viewing. It offers a wide dynamic amplifier with seven automatically or manually selected gain ranges. Operating the X911 is simple you only need to switch on the meter and select the measurement mode. The meter is operated by a standard 9V battery. An BHO-11 hard-shell case is optional available.


Two meter versions were previously offered:

X911 with display in mW/cm²
X911u with display in µW/cm²

Both variants are now superseded by Model X1-1-UV-3718

Traceable Calibration

The detector and the meter are traceable calibrated to international standards.

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X1-1-UV-3718 UVC 254nm radiometer supersedes X9-11 models

X1-1-UV-3718 UVC 254nm radiometer supersedes X9-11 models

UV-3718-4 Typical Spectral Responsivity

UV-3718-4 Typical Spectral Responsivity

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