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Uniform Integrating Sphere Light Sources with large 100 mm port

  • Integrating sphere source with variable intensity control
  • 300 mm Ø sphere, 100 mm Ø port, BaSO4 coating
  • Calibrated in spectral radiance 300 nm – 1100 nm
  • 100 W halogen lamp. Manually adjustable variable iris for intensity Setting.
  • Photometric monitor, Control unit, traceable calibration

Calibration standards for spectral radiance

Spectroradiometers and other instruments suitable for measuring spectral radiance are typically constructed with lens based entrance optics. To calibrate and correct these measuring systems, a uniform light source of sufficient size is required as a reference, calibrated in spectral radiance.

Calibration standards for spectral radiance and uniformity

Multi-spectral and hyper-spectral spectral systems produce multi-spectral and hyper-spectral images. In addition to the calibration and the matching of these systems for spectral radiance, a uniformity adjustment of the pixel sensitivity is required. Calibration standards for spectral radiance and uniformity must be characterized by a highly uniform light output field.

Light output port

In order to reduce the influence of reflections and shadows at the edges of the illuminated field, the output port has to be implemented with a thin edge, so-called ‚knife edge‘. Additionally, it is recommended that the outer 10 % of the exit port’s diameter is not used.

Integrating sphere source ISS-30-VA-V01

The integrating sphere source ISS-30-VA-V01 is based on a 30 cm diameter sphere and offers a 100 mm diameter knife-edged output port. The precision coating of the hollow spheres with barium sulfate combined with the diffuse-emitting light source ensure the best possible uniformity within the output light field. Other Diameters of the light Output ports are available on request.

Diffuse-illuminating light source with variable aperture

One essential component of a uniform light source is a diffuse-emitting light source. The LS-OK30 from Gigahertz-Optik which is incorporated in the ISS-30-VA, employs a diffuse reflector for this purpose. In order to avoid unwanted radiation in the sphere due to diffraction effects at the source’s aperture, an additional diffuse window is installed between aperture and entrance port of the sphere.

Monitor Detector

The ISS-30-VA incorporates a photometric monitor to ensure the reproducible setting of the output luminance which is also displayed on the control unit.

Control unit with lamp power supply

The control electronics supplied with the ISS-30-VA includes a power supply for the operation of the lamp and a measurement channel for the monitor detector. The LPS-100 power supply unit from Gigahertz-Optik GmbH impresses with its high resolution and stability of current regulation. In addition, the lamp is gently switched on and off with a ramp function.


  • The supplied calibration comprises:
  • traceable calibration of the spectral radiance for the spectral range 300 nm to 1100 nm;
  • calculation of the luminance and color temperature from the spectral measurement data;
  • matching the lamp to the specified color temperature;
  • matching the monitor detector to the output luminance;
  • calibration certificate including calibration procedure, the calibration references used, the measured values ​​and calibration uncertainties.
  • Optional: Calibration of luminance distribution




Fig.: Electronics for control, power supply and monitoring

Fig.: Electronics for control, power supply and monitoring

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