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Integrating Sphere Source for Spectral Radiance

  • Compact size with 20mm diameter light port
  • In-line baffle, Synthetic ODM98 coating, Halogen lamp
  • Calibration of the spectral radiance from 380 nm to 1100 nm including Calibration certificate.

Integrating Sphere Light Sources are used as luminance, and spectral radiance calibration standards as well as Uniform Light Sources for pixel uniformity calibration of imaging detectors and instruments.

Compact design

Integrating sphere light source with a homogeneous entrance port of 20 mm. The spehre itself is based on a synthetic ODM98 coating with excellent long-term stability. As a light source a LH-10-UV halogen lamp is used.

Traceable calibration

The calibration of the device is in spectral radiance in a range of 380 nm to 1100 nm. Included is as well a calibration certificate which shows the traceable calibration chain back to a national metrology institute.


For operation an optional quality current regulated power supply of the LPS series can be used.


ISS 5P glowing

ISS 5P glowing

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