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Detector head for the measurement of irradiance of UV radiation in W/m². Features: spectral responsivity from 315-400nm (UV-A), cosine field-of-view, for the usage with optometers and amplifiers, calibration certificate.


The spectral responsivity range of the model UV-3701 covers the UV-A range from 315 nm to 400 nm.

General Purpose UV Radiation Measurement Detector

The UV-37 series of UV radiometric detectors are primarily used for spectral broadband irradiance measurements within a defined spectral range of polychromatic radiation. Optical filters are used to shape the bare photodiode response to the desired spectral bandpass. The computer aided optical filter design produces the best possible broadband radiometric response within the spectral sector specified.

Pre-aged Components 

All optical and optoelectronic components of the UV-37 detectors are UV Radiation pre-aged for Long time stability.

Cosine Field-of-View

A cosine F.O.V. characteristic of the detectors spatial responsivity is effected by the diffusor window of UV-37 detectors.

Designed for Wide Dynamic

The UV-37 detectors are designed for the highest possible irradiance sensitivity for low irradiance level applications. However the wide range linearity of the photodiodes coupled with the Gigahertz-Optik optometers’s wide dynamic signal range amplifiers enable the UV-37 series detectors to be used in applications with high irradiances as well. The upper range is limited only by the detector maximum operating current and its specified operation temperature. 

Compact Housing

The UV-37 series irradiance detectors are built in a compact 37 mm diameter black anodized aluminum housing. The shadow ring around the diffusor support the wide-angle cosine response. A side M6 tapped mounting hole allows the detector be fixed in place. The 37-type standard housing allows other SRT-M37 type accessories to be attached using the SRT-M45/37-B adapter for radiance or intensity measurements. 

Traceable Calibrations

Calibration of irradiance in W/m² and/or W/cm² as well as the detector's relative spectral responsivity is performed at Gigahertz-Optik’s Calibration Laboratory. Besides the regular calibration with spectral broadband reference lamps alternative calibrations with monochromatic or custom type reference lamps can be supplied as an option. The calibration and its traceability are confirmed in the calibration certificate supplied with each detector.

UV-3701 UV-A Detector Typical Spectral Responsivity

UV-3701 UV-A Detector Typical Spectral Responsivity