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Detector head for use in UV radiation protection measurements in accordance with DIN EN 12198 Safety of machinery - Assessment and reduction of risks arising from radiation emitted by machinery


Compact light meter for the long term logging of irradiance data in mobile use. Features: compact and lightweight, battery powered device with a large data memory. Different executions for the recording of UV Erythema, ICNIRP and UV-C-@-254-nm effective UV radiation dose.


Personal UV Irradiance Dosimeter

The X-2000 series meters are designed as personal UV monitoring dosimeters. As the instrument is typically worn by the subject under test the X-2000 is built in a very compact light tight housing weighing only 60g including battery.

Low power consumption and large memory for long term datasampling

A large memory supports long term data logging with storage capacity for up to 129000 sample measurement values of the two photodiode and the internal temperature sensors. The low power consumption electronics feature a sleep mode and flash memory supported by power flash capacitor for long battery life. The measurement set-up for readout of long or short term samples and data storage is remote controlled via RS232 interface by the OS-X2000 software supplied (option).

Various UV Sensors for use in different UV measurement campaigns

Up to two photodiodes can be implement into the X-2000 dosimeter. Their spectral responsivity is filter corrected to match different radiometric or photo biological actinic standard functions. Each photodiode is set-up with diffuse window for cosine corrected field of view.


Five standard models are available for UV hazard assessment and UV biological studies:

  • X-2000-5 UV-A (315-400nm) and UV-B (280-315nm) sensors for use with artificial light use
  • X-2000-6 UV-C 254nm) sensor
  • X-2000-10 Two cell Eyrthemal meter with UV-Aeff and UV-BCeffsensors
  • X-2000-11 Two cell ICNIRP meter with UV-Aeff and UV-BCeff sensors
  • X-2000-14 UV-A (320-400nm) and UV-B (280-320nm) sensors for day light use

Traceable calibration

The detectors are calibrated for irradiance responsivity in W/m² according to the spectral sensitivity range and spectral locus of the detectors. Calibration is performed by Gigahertz-Optik’s calibration laboratory for optical radiation measurement units and include a calibration certificate describing the calibration procedure and its traceability.

X-2000-10 Erythemal Dosimeter Typical Spectral Responsivity

X-2000-10 Erythemal Dosimeter Typical Spectral Responsivity

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