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BERLIN 09.09.2021 | UV technologies can be used in a variety of ways and open up opportunities for innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. In times of the corona pandemic, it becomes particularly clear what contribution you can make. The association "Advanced UV for Life e.V. - Association for the Promotion of UV Semiconductor Technologies" has therefore committed itself to the goal of promoting such technological solutions quickly and transferring them from research to application.

Small radiation source - great variety of applications

With light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that emit ultraviolet (UV) radiation, surfaces, air and water can be disinfected quickly, environmentally friendly and without chemicals. Corona viruses and other pathogens such as multi-resistant germs can also be inactivated with it. Another advantage of UV LEDs is that the emitted wavelength can be set between 210 and 400 nanometers. This opens up many other possible uses, for example for medical prevention and for diagnosing and treating diseases. They are also used for the rapid hardening of composite materials, adhesives and paints as well as in environmental analysis, sensor technology and in the life sciences.

Although UV LEDs are already used in many applications, there is still a significant need for research and technology development. Close coordination between the component developers and the end users in the various areas of application is a prerequisite for the rapid implementation of innovative ideas. Legal regulations and standards for the use of the new components and technologies are decisive for market access.

Develop faster through a competent network

The now founded association "Advanced UV for Life e.V." bundles competencies from business and science along the entire value chain - from the concept to the UV semiconductor to its application. This is also reflected in the list of founding members. The association builds on the eight years of experience of the consortium of the same name, which was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the Zwanzig20 program.

 "The aim is to promote and accelerate the technical development of UV radiation sources and UV sensors, in particular LEDs, photodiodes and laser diodes, and their use," says Prof. Dr. Michael Kneissl. He is chairman of the board of the association, whose office is located at the Ferdinand Braun Institute in Berlin. The association creates the communication and cooperation platform to discuss technological and scientific questions and to initiate development projects and research projects.

In order for environmentally friendly and economical UV technologies to gain broad acceptance, the association wants to provide the population, politics and the media with comprehensive information on the new products and services. He also participates in specialist bodies and committees to bring legal provisions, standards and other regulations into motion.

In addition to Prof. Dr. Michael Kneissl (Technical University Berlin and Ferdinand Braun Institute) as chairman, Prof. Dr. Michael Heuken (AIXTRON SE), Dr. Martin Strasbourg (OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH), Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Westerhoff (Fraunhofer Society) and Dr. Olaf Brodersen (CiS Research Institute for Microsensorics GmbH) elected. The board of directors is supported by an internal advisory board of nine members who, as specialists, represent the various fields of work.

 To be there!

With the establishment of the association, the association invites companies and research institutions, idea generators and experts, UV enthusiasts and networkers to jointly build a powerful association, to think outside the box and to advance new UV technologies together more quickly. All companies and scientific institutions active in this field as well as interested individuals can become members. Further information on membership in the association can be found on the website https://www.advanced-uv.de/verein.