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Sie können Produkte zu der Merkliste hinzufügen und diese miteinander vergleichen oder uns eine Anfrage zukommen lassen. Hierzu befinden sich Merklistensymbole auf Produktseiten und Produkttabellen.

Gigahertz-Optik presents itself internationally

Discover our website now also in Spanish and Chinese

We are proud of our continued growth enabling greater visibility to customers worldwide. In addition to our German and English  language website, it is now also available in Spanish and Chinese. In this way, we offer our customers and sales partners the opportunity to find out more easily about our products and services.

Spanish Website Version

Interested parties from China and Spanish-speaking countries can now access a great deal of information about our extensive product range of light meters, which cover the entire spectral range. Our applications and extensive product news will also reach an even larger target group in the future.

Chinese Website Version

Use this service and find out about our light measurement solutions for your specific application. You can reach our global sales team at

We look forward to your ideas. Together we will find a solution to your challenges.