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Our new DAkkS (ISO 17025) accreditation certificate is here

Due to the positive results of the technical and system assessment, our competence was confirmed by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) and remains a reliable partner for you for the calibration and testing of your measuring devices.

Not only are the re-accreditations for our testing and calibration laboratory maintained, we have also been able to reduce measurement uncertainties through continuous further development of our processes and procedures. Particularly worth mentioning is the extension of the DAkkS accreditation of our calibration laboratory area.

This enables us to offer you traceable calibrations according to the ISO/IEC17025:2018 standard, which is a globally recognized valid standard.

The new metrics:

〉 Current calibrations (DC current) of indicators / optometers

〉 Spectral irradiance (W/nm) of deuterium lamps (UV in the range 200 nm to 400 nm)

〉 Calibration of the integral irradiance sensitivity of detectors (W/m²) using reference detector and/or spectrometer (BTS2048 series)

The current certificates can be found on our homepage as a .pdf download:

Calibration Laboratory