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Video about the BTS256-LED tester

for LED luminous flux, spectrum and light Color

LEDs vary in terms of their luminous flux and light color based on tolerances in the manufacturing process. Manufacturers sort LEDs in various specific groups through binning. To the user, LEDs only show their “true colors” after they have been assembled and under the operating parameters of the particular application. This means that temperature effects and operating parameters that vary from binning have an effect on the different luminous parameters.

The BTS256-LED tester can be used to measure the luminous flux, color temperature, Color Rendering Index and luminous spectrum of assembled individual diodes. The latest version of this compact light meter has a USB interface and comes with newer, further developed S-BTS256 user software. This is advantageous to customers because of faster data transfer among other features.

Gigahertz-Optik also offers complementary products for this measurement device that has the Bi-Technology sensor. These include integrating spheres with diameters of up to 1m, luminous intensity attachments, goniometers, etc.