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OEM and Customized Light Measurement Solutions

With decades of experience, we are experts in optical light measurement technology. Here we support our many OEM customers with excellent measurement technology individually adapted to their needs and often supplied with their own logo and branding. Our goal is to make you successful! No matter whether you require an individual detector, special calibration strategy, bespoke integrating sphere or custom part manufactured from our optical diffuse material, we make your solution possible. We are looking forward to your contact!

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Custom ODM Machining

We manufacture custom parts from our range of ODM optically diffuse material (PTFE based) according to your requirements. Typical components and assembles include integrated spheres, diffusers, optical resonators (laser cavities) etc. Barium sulfate coatings with high reflectivity or different gray levels are also part of our portfolio.



Custom Light Meters & Light Measurement Systems

In some applications the use of OEM labelled or branded products is beneficial. Gigahertz-Optik provides such services for all kind of light meters including UV, visible and NIR radiation. We are happy to help you!

Individual Integrating Sphere Detectors

For many applications and measuring tasks, specific measuring aperture diameters or shapes are required. Often particular sphere diameters, multiple detectors and other accessories such as auxiliary lamps are also needed. With our construction kit we are able to manufacture your customized sphere cost effectively.

Construction Kit

Construction Kit

Individual Integrating Sphere Sources

Customized solutions are often required, especially for configuring integrating sphere-based uniform light sources. Special light source requirements such as specific LED combinations, intensity tuning, remote controllable variable apertures, and homogeneity requirements are just a few factors to consider. With Gigahertz-Optik you choose a very experienced partner for the development of your perfect light source.