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Integrating sphere light source with very high light output (sun-like spectra)

  • Sun-like spectrum (AM1.5) in the range from 300 nm to approx. 700 nm. 8 times the integral radiance compared to the solar spectrum AM1.5
  • Light exit port with 3 inch heavy load port frame with 4xM4 threaded bolts with associated port plug
  • Lamp LS-OS-Xe-V01 with step-less manual, spectrally neutral intensity control
  • Integral monitor detector for relative intensity monitoring
  • Calibration of the output in spectral radiance
  • Determination of the calibration factor in luminance for monitoring

Integrating sphere light sources provide a luminous field with very good uniformity of the luminance or radiance distribution. Hence they are commonly referred to as Uniform Light Sources. The integrating spherical light source described here impresses with a very high radiance which, in the range from 300 nm to approx. 700 nm, corresponds to 8 times the integral radiance compared to the solar spectrum AM1.5.

Integrating sphere

The integrating sphere is equipped with ODM and has a light exit port of 3 inches with heavyload port frame and 4xM4 threaded bolts with the associated port plug. The lamp LS-OS-Xe-V01 with stepless manual, spectrally neutral, intensity control allows the targeted use for aging. The integral monitor detector also enables relative intensity monitoring.

Large dynamic range

The large dynamic range is given by the continuously adjustable intensity using the coupling optics. The temperature of the light source is separated from the sphere system as much as possible.

Traceable calibration

The luminance calibration of the uniform light source is carried out in Gigahertz-Optik‘s calibration laboratory for optical radiation measurements. In addition to the calibration of luminance, the spectral radiance and luminance distributions are confirmed in the calibration certificate.

spectral distribution

spectral distribution

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