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Detector head for the measurement of scotopic illuminance in Lux [lx]. Features: f1 ≤ 5 %, f2 ≤ 3 %, 0.2nA/lx, 20mm height, for the usage with Optometers and amplifiers, calibration certificate


The VL-3705 is an illuminance measurement head whose scotopic responsivity and cosine field of view correspond to the DIN 5032 - Article 7 quality class B. The detector can be combined with all optometers and light meters from Gigahertz-Optik. 

Traceable calibration 

The VL-3705 is calibrated in terms of its absolute illuminance responsivity and relative spectral responsivity by the Gigahertz-Optik calibration laboratory for optical radiation measurands. The calibrations are documented in an individually compiled calibration certificate. The design and contents of the calibration certificate are in accordance with the ISO 17025 specifications.

VL-3705 typical V(λ) responsivity

VL-3705 typical V(λ) responsivity

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