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Spectral light meters for accurate measurements of LED lighting

  • What are the weaknesses and problems associated with using traditional light meters to measure LED based lighting products?
  • What’s different about contemporary spectral light meters and what are the advantages and benefits of using them?
  • How do spectral light meters help users exploit the many opportunities and benefits offered by LED lighting?


Download the presentation as a PDF document.


Gigahertz Optik Spectral light meters


Presentation overview

  • Photometers
  • Visible light
  • Photometric units
  • Spectral mismatch error
  • Cosine error
  • Spectral light meters
  • Colour measurement
  • Colour temperature
  • Colour rendering - CRI
  • Colour rendering – TM30
  • Observer’s field of view
  • Scotopic vision
  • Mesopic vision
  • Human centric lighting / circadian lighting / biodynamic lighting
  • Human centric lighting – research & standards
  • Horticultural lighting
  • Horticultural lighting – PAR metrics
  • Agricultural and aquacultural lighting
  • Phototherapy - bilirubin
  • Blue light hazard
  • Enhanced spectral light meters
  • Traceable calibration
  • Summary

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