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The P-21 from Gigahertz Optik GmbH - A versatile touchscreen optometer for the measurement of CW, single pulse and modulated radiation in all photometric and radiometric applications

With the P-21, Gigahertz-Optik has developed a compact handheld optometer, which is both suitable for field service and equipped with many functions for laboratory use. The successor to the popular P-9710 optometer offers a multifunctional color touch screen and intuitive 3-button menu operation. This allows the user to easily handle and fully concentrate on his measuring task. The P-21 also includes a calibration data port for easy and unlimited replacement of the required detectors. With the following technical data we can support you in your application: 

  • Measurement of DC, AC, single pulse and modulated radiation.
  • Adjustable integration time from 100 µs to 6 s
  • Over sixteen different measurement modes and functions
  • S-P21 Software & S-SDK-P21 Software Development Kit available


An outstanding feature of the P-21 optometer is its many measurement modes. Detailed information about the P-21 can be found on our website.


In addition, the P-21 offers many other superb features that make it perfect for various measurement tasks:

  • Compact high-precision measuring instrument which is also suitable for field service as well as laboratory use.
  • Multifunctional color touchscreen and intuitive 3-button menu operation (Pure touch, mixed touch/button and full touch operation allow to use all functions on the device)
  • Calibration data in detector connector for easy detector replacement
  • Measurement of DC, AC, single pulse and modulated optical radiation
  • 100 µs fast sampling rate
  • Adjustable integration time from 100 µs to 6 s
  • Wide dynamic range of detector signal from 0.1 pA to 2 mA
  • USB interface for remote control operation (additionally RS232 and RS485 available)
  • Trigger In/Output via DSUB as well as Analog-Out
  • S-P21 software & S-SDK-P21 software development kit available
  • Adapter cable available to use P-21 (-5 connector) with P-9710 detectors (-2 connector)