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Light Reflection Measurement Device for Diffuse and Non-Diffuse Samples

  • 8/d set-up with 50cm dia integrating sphere DIN-5036-T3 conform
  • Illuminant A
  • Specular and diffuse reflectance

ISM-50-R-V01 measurement device for light reflection as per DIN-5036 T3

Light reflectance measurement in 8/d geometry

The ISM-50-R-V01 integrating sphere light meter is used for measurement of light reflectance, the degree of the scattered reflectance and calculation of the regular reflectance proportion. Sample illumination is done from an 8° angle. The regular or scattered reflected light from the sample is captured by the integrated sphere. This 8/d geometry corresponds to the specifications in DIN 5036 section 3. the light source is set to a 2856 K color temperature (standard illuminant type A). The high-quality silicon photodiode of the photometric detector is carefully matched onto the V(λ) responsivity function through a multi-layer spectral correction filter.

Integrating sphere with a 50 cm diameter

Integrating spheres with a large diameter such as the ISM-50-R offer a wide detection angle for scattered reflected light. The measurement ports are additionally designed with knife-edges. The sphere is coated with Gigahertz-Optik‘s self-manufactured diffusely reflective coating made of barium sulfate. The multi-layered coating ensures magnificent levels of diffuse reflection over the entire usable spectral range.

Correction of self-absorption effects by the samples

The integrating sphere has two measurement ports onto which samples and reflection standards can be interchangeably placed. Self-absorption effects by the samples and calibration standards can thereby be compensated. The sample holders are attached onto the socket in the sphere and enable measurement of extensive samples.

ED-ISM-100-VL control electronics

The light source is operated with constant current through a 16-bit DA-converter and hence ensures light stability. The ramp function of the power adapter minimizes stress on the lamps while switching on/off. The photometric detector light meter of the integrating sphere allows for measurement routines for the calibration, substitution correction, measurement of both the entire and regular reflectance as well as calculation of the scattered reflectance proportion.

Diffuse reflection standards

Gigahertz-Optik offers its self-manufactured diffuse reflection standards with traceable calibrations.

The quick-change holder on the 8° port enables fast exchange of plugs and light traps

The quick-change holder on the 8° port enables fast exchange of plugs and light traps

Sample holder with height-adjustable sample support for attachment of calibration standards

Sample holder with height-adjustable sample support for attachment of calibration standards

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