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RW-37 with SRT-M37-L

Detector heads to measure the irradiance in W/m² and the radiance in W/(m²*sr). Features: front lenses with 1°, 2° or 5° viewing angle, for the usage with Optometers and amplifiers, calibration certificate

RW-37 with SRT-M37-L

Irradiance Detectors with Radiance Attachment

A cost effective strategy to perform both irradiance and radiance measurements is to outfit RW-37 and UV-37 series irradiance detectors with front lens adapters. The radiance adapters limit the field of view of the irradiance detector to enable radiance measurement in W/(m²sr) of larger area radiance sources.

Simple Assembly

The SRT-M37L series front lenses attach to the front of the 37-type type detector housings using the SRT-M45/37 base mount which fits onto the detector housing and is held in place with set screws. The SRT-M45/37B is internally threaded (M37x1) so that the externally threaded SRT-M37L front lens can be screwed into it. The SRT-M45/37B base mount has an M6 and standard camera (1/4”-20 BSW) threaded hole for tripod or bench post or to fixture the device into an application.

1° to 10° Selectable Field-of-Views

Front lenses with 1°, 2°, 5° and 10° are available.

Traceable Calibrations

Lens and detector assembly is calibrated in radiance sensitivity in W/m²sr at Gigahertz-Optik’s Calibration Laboratory for Optical Radiation Quantities.

SRT-M45/37-B Adapter

SRT-M45/37-B Adapter

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