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The software allows the full control of the device settings like measurement time, measurement settings, mathematical corrections, evaluations, etc.

Several numerical and graphical displays

The S-X1 software contains several numerical and graphical displays for visualization of your measured data. These displays are user selected from the view menu and can be positioned anywhere within the application window. Each individual display arrangement can be stored and reloaded. Furthermore two different color schemes are offered, normal and dark room mode with darker background to prevent stray light from the display from reach the detector.

Numerical windows:

  • intensity values
  • commment/status
  • measurement settings
  • GBD angles
  • etc.

Graphic windows:

  • datalogger
  • polar plot (2D) by goniomeric measurements
  • polar plot (3D) by goniomeric measurements
  • etc.

External devices

In addition external devices like power supplies or goniometers can be controleld with the S-X1.

Data Export to common file formats

Data can be exported in different formats (IES, Eulumdat, ASCII, Microsoft Excel)

IES format (only with goniometer): IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society. IES standard file format was created for the electronic transfer of photometric data. It has been widely used by many lighting manufacturers and is one of the industry standards in photometric data distribution.

EULUMDAT format (only with goniometer): EULUMDAT is a format for electronic transfer of photometric data. The typical file extension is “*.ldt“. The format was created 1990 and is a de facto standard in European industry.


The S-X1 is bassed on a database architecture, this allows the handling of a large number of measurements. Furthmore datasets can be easily saved, loaded and exported.

Report Generation

Based on the database an export of measurement data to an Microsoft Word file is provided. The data which is exported is customable by the user.

Polar Plot
System requirements
  • Minimum HDD space: 300MB, more space is needed when performing large measurement sequences
  • Minimum RAM required: 2 GB , recommended 4 GB or more
  • Processor: recommended 2 GHz or more
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 10 32-bit, Windows 10 64-bit
  • minimum monitor resolution: 800 x 600 pixel, recommended 1600 x 900 pixel or more
  • communication: USB-port or RS-232 (depends on device)
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Datasheet S-X1 PDF
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X1 Four-channel USB optometer designed for mobile use.

Features: Compact device for use with all photometric, radiometric, colorimetric, plant-physiologic and photo-biologic measurement heads from Gigahertz-Optik. USB interface. Battery operation or power supply USB.
X1-RM Optometer in 3HE housing for use in 19” racks.

Features: Its USB and RS232 remote interface and two additional RS232 device interfaces make the device highly flexible when it comes to system integration. Its four signal inputs enable use with all photometric, radiometric, colorimetric, plant-physiologic and photo-biologic measurement heads from Gigahertz-Optik.
X1-PCB Optometer module.

Feature: The X1 optometer is available as a printed circuit board either with or without a housing and is suited for applications that do not require a keyboard or display. Four signal inputs enable connection with all measuring heads from Gigahertz-Optik.
X1-3 Optometer for the measurement of UV and Blue-light hazard of artificial radiation source.

Features: for usage with XD-45-H type detectors, compatible to standards IEC/EN 62471 and EN 14255-1 as well as guidelines 2006/25/EC and IEC TR 62778, mobile, battery operation, USB interface.

X1-4 Broadband radiometer for radiation protection measurements of UV radiation devices.

Features: Mobile ligh meter for UV radiation while working with artificial UV (UVSV). Erythema effective irradiance and detection of UV-C radiation in accordance with the UV protection Act for solaria. UVSV, DIN EN 60335-2-27 and DIN 5050-1:2010-01 conformity.
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15298167 S-X1

User software for X1 and variants.

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