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The UPK-100-F integrating sphere with ODM98 coating is designed for universal use in light intensity, reflectance and transmittance measurement applications.
The 100mm diameter integrating sphere with 15mm diameter measurement and three auxiliary ports in ± 8° and 0° orientation to the measurement port offers high light throughput required in light sensitive applications within the spectral range from 250nm to 2500nm. The auxiliary ports can be covered with ODM98 coated port plugs when not in use. Its unique collar baffle design greatly avoids direct illumination of the detector port from the light input port in a conventional 90° port position sphere design. The baffle also makes it possible to operate up to 3 detectors or fiber light guide connectors on the sphere at the same time. The detector ports provides an interface for direct mounting of Gigahertz-Optik’s PD-11, TD-11 and VL-11 type light detectors and UFC-11 type fiber connectors.

Gigahertz-Optik’s calibration laboratory offers traceable spectral radiant power sensitivity calibration in the wavelength range from 250nm to 1800nm 


Sphere diameter

100 mm

Measurement Port Diameter

15 mm

Measurement Port Diameter

10 mm. Supplied with ODM98 coated plugs

Detector port

1 x UP-DP-11 (PD-11, TD-11, VL-11, UFC-11) Up to three more UP-DP-11 in +/-90° position can optional supplied


M6 and 1/4” threaded holes

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Datasheet UPK-100-F PDF
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VL-1101 Photometric detector head with VL-11 mount.

Features: modular detector for use with integrating spheres, front lenses etc. For use with optometers and signal amplifiers

TD-11VL01 Photometric, temperature stabilized detector with DP-11 mount.

Features: for use with integrating spheres, Operation temperature 50 °C, for use with optometers and signal amplifiers

PD-11 series Detector head with DP-11 mount.

Features: modular detector for use with integrating spheres, front lenses etc, Si, SiLP, InGaAs, SiC, GaP photodiodes, for use with optometers and signal amplifiers

UFC-11 Fiber adapter for use with UP and UM type integrating spheres.

Features: SMA, FC, SC and ST connectors.
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15296153 UPK-100-F

100 mm integrating sphere with ODM coating UPK-100-F


Optional detector port on request.