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Photomedicine light meters

Light meters for the measurement of optical radiation in therapeutic, diagnostic, ophthalmological, and endoscopic applications.

Handheld/portable light meters for measuring UV and blue light phototherapy light sources.

Model Image Spectral function Wavelength range / nm Typ. Range Minimum SNR=50 100ms integration Typ. Range Maximum Entrance optic Remark

X1 + XD-9501

xd9501 UV-A , UV-B and 311nm irradiance
Ch 1: 315 - 400
Ch 2: 280 - 315
Ch1: 0.33 mW/m²
Ch2: 2 mW/m²
Ch1: 6.7 kW/m²
Ch2: 20 kW/m²
Diffuser 8 mm Ø

P-9710 + UV-3711-308

P 9710+RW 3705.23 Excimer laser irradiance at 308nm
308 nm peak
1.7 mW/m²
16.7 kW/m²
Diffuser 11 mm Ø

X1 + UV-3706

CSS 45 detector head Actinic Bilirubin
400 - 550
50 µW/m²
1 kW/m²
Diffuser 15 mm Ø