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Gigahertz-Optik - Enabling Accuracy

On this page we would like to briefly introduce you to the "World of Gigahertz-Optik”. Our introductory video is followed by information on our ISO17025 calibration laboratory, our innovative products and some of the many exciting applications we cover.

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Our Vision - Enabling accuracy

Gigahertz-Optik enables success in challenging light measurement tasks through smart solutions based on the combination of accuracy, reliability, flexibility, ease of use, productivity and innovation recognized by industry and science.

We are your worldwide partner in photonics offering UV to IR measurement equipment through own German development, production, high level support and a high-class ISO 17025 calibration laboratory.

Enabling Accuracy

Discover us by Video

Light accompanies our everyday life in the most varied of facets. The most diverse applications in the UV-VIS-IR spectrum require light sources or measuring systems to optimize the well-being of people in rooms, to promote self-sufficient plant growth, to advance future technologies in autonomous driving and much more. Thanks to our DAkkS accredited testing and calibration laboratory (ISO/IEC17025 /DAkkS D-K-15047-01-00, DAkkS D-PL-15047-01-00), our measuring devices deliver high-precision measurement results that our customers benefit from in their applications. We develop, produce and calibrate our product solutions at Türkenfeld, near Munich.

In our Gigahertz-Optik Company Introduction Video you have the opportunity to get an overview of our services, products and the people who are behind all the product developments with "Made in Germany" quality. See also our Gigahertz-Optik YouTube Channel.

10 Quick Facts

LocationTuerkenfeld by Munich/Germany
AccreditationISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Lab (DAkkS German Accreditation body)
CommitteesDIN, CIE, CORM, Advanced UV for Life e.V.
CertificatesInnovative through Research, Made in Germany, 100% electricity from renewable energy
Sales RepsWord-wide, see contact distribution network tab
HoldingPowerful and reliable financial situation through the Berghof-Group
Your Partner
We look for the best solutions for our customers and make customized solutions happen if needed.
InnovativeInnovative company for UV-visible-NIR radiometry and photometry. See our innovative range of detectors and calibrations concepts, BiTec self-correcting spectroradiometers, versatile modular integrating sphere sources (ISS), scientific publications, intuitive software, application oriented solutions, etc.

Our calibration and testing laboratory now NEW with expanded customer login with many new functions - Register products ONLINE, receive calibration certificates and much more

In addition the continual development of new and existing products, we at Gigahertz Optik GmbH, have always paid special attention to the quality aspect of our products and services. We are particularly proud to present our calibration laboratory for optical radiation measurements. Its ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for spectral sensitivity and spectral irradiance (German Accreditation Body DAkkS D-K-15047-01-00) offers the highest and most rigorous industry standard for the traceability of our calibrations.

We think each product benefits form such a high-end calibration laboratory since we can put all our knowledge and characterization and optimization methods into them.

Discover our Knowledge Base

We are very active in scientific and technical publications and try to help our customer with up to date information and tutorials. We have also produced a comprehensive "basics of light measurement" tutorial in order to get you started in this field. Within our knowledge base you’ll find many:

  • Application Examples
  • Tutorials
  • Technical Articles
  • Scientific Publications

Our knowledge base is constantly growing and is worth regular visits. If you are not successful in finding the information you require, we are happy to assist you directly. Please contact us.

Knowledge Base

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OEM and Customized Light Measurement Solutions

Custom ODM Machining - We produce custom parts from our range of ODM optically diffuse material (PTFE based) according to your special requirements.

Custom Optical Radiation / Light Meters - OEM labelled or branded products offering a hugh benefit. Because of this fact Gigahertz-Optik provides the service for all kind of light meters including UV, visible and NIR radiation.

Individual Integrating Sphere Detectors - With our construction kit we are able to manufacture your customized sphere cost effectively.

Individual Integrating Sphere Sources - Special light source requirements such as specific LED combinations, intensity tuning, remote controllable variable apertures, and homogeneity requirements are just a few factors to consider when choosing the right partner to work on it.

Your OEM Partner


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Starting with modular products up to the complete systems. From the detector to the light source or calibration standard. Here you will find the right products for your measurement task.


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As a manufacturer, we offer solutions for a wide range of applications. These include standard products, modular systems as well as customized solutions for special markets and applications.