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This Product is discontinued, please refer to the Alternatives shown below under Similar Products or contact us directly.

Alternative Products for this discontinued product:

Versatile superb Speed and high Quality LED Spectroradiometer


Versatile Temperature Controlled High Speed and High Quality LED Spectroradiometer

  • Cooled temperature controlled BiTec Sensor* for more accurate measurements
  • Light meter for LED flash binning
  • Very short measuring times (electronic shutter), high dynamic range (filter wheel)
  • Trigger inputs and outputs, Ethernet and USB for fast data transmission
  • Direct input optics with diffuser for illuminance and spectral irradiance. Expandable with integrating sphere for luminous flux and spectral irradiance.

BTS2048-VL-TEC, CCD spectroradiometer with thermoelectric cooling of the CCD detector

The BTS2048-VL-TEC variant of the BTS2048-VL incorporates thermoelectric cooling of its CCD detector. The device meets all the requirements of a high-end diode array spectroradiometer and is favourably priced despite its cutting-edge design.

Thermoelectric cooling of the CCD detector minimizes the dark noise signal and enables integration times ranging from 2 µs to 60 s whereas those of the BTS2048-VL lie between 2 µs and 4 s. The BTS2048-VL-TEC is therefore ideal for applications with very low light intensities or rarely possible dark signal measurements due to its high stability. It is also ideal for luminous flux measurements in which the integrating sphere connected to the device is significantly heated up by high-power lamps. See also our technical article about SSL/LED testing. The BTS2048-VL-TEC can be easily attached on an integrating sphere. Gigahertz-Optik offers many integrating standard spheres like the perfectly for LED binning suited ISD-15-BTS2048-VL. We also offer customized solutions to address your needs, see our Integrating Sphere Construction Kit or other examples in Integrating Sphere Based Spectroradiometer Systems.

*One of its unique features is the from Gigahertz-Optik developed innovative BiTec sensor that consists of a V(lambda) filtered Si photodiode and a spectroradiometer unit. This makes it extremely linear, stable, and fastand is therefore a guarantee for higher measurement accuracy which is not accompanied by any disadvantages. Both sensors can be used independently and the mutual correction of the sensors is advantageous for accuracy, speed and versatility (see article on BTS technology).

User software and developer software

The standard S-BTS2048 user software has a customizable user interface and a large number of display and function modules which can be activated when configuring the BTS2048-VL-TEC with the respective accessory components from Gigahertz Optik GmbH. The S-SDK-BTS2048 developer software is offered for the integration of the BTS2048-VL-TEC in the customer’s own software.


One essential quality feature of photometric devices is their precise and traceable calibration. The BTS2048-VL-TEC is calibrated by Gigahertz-Optik’s ISO/IEC 17025 calibration laboratory that was accredited by DAkkS (D-K-15047-01-00) for the spectral responsivity and spectral irradiance according to ISO/IEC 17025. The calibration also included the corresponding accessory components. Every device is delivered with its respective calibration certificate.

Effects of light propagation in a diffuse media

1) BTS2048-VL-TEC 2) BiTec sensor with Si photodiode, CCD array spectrometer 3) TE cooled CCD 4) Filter wheel with OD1, OD2 and shutter 5) Precise cosine diffuser 6) Light incident 7) Microprocessor for data procesing and communication 8) USB 2.0 Interface 9) High Speed ethernet Interface 10) Microprocessor CCD sensor control 11) Trigger In/Out 12) Microprocessor photodiode 13) DC voltage supply

Effects of light propagation in a diffuse media

Direct attachment of the device to accessory components

Effects of light propagation in a diffuse media

Electronic Shutter reduces the measurement time

Effects of light propagation in a diffuse media

Ethernet interface reduces the datatransfer time

Effects of light propagation in a diffuse media

S-BTS2048 User software interface

Effects of light propagation in a diffuse media

Graphical view of the spectrum

Effects of light propagation in a diffuse media

CIE 1976 Chromaticity diagram

Effects of light propagation in a diffuse media

CRI Bar Plot

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